Listed below are local places of worship in the City of Arlington.  If your religious location is not listed and you would like for it to be included on this website, simply give us a call and we will be happy to add it to the list below.

The Three Churches in the City of Arlington are:

Arlington United Methodist Church

590 Main St. 

phone: 563-633-3675

Pastor: Josh Hansen

Arlington Church of Christ

656 Main St. 

Phone: 563-633-4515

Pastor: Scott Hall

St. John's Lutheran Church

115 Park Ave.

Phone: 563-633-3885

Pastor Margaret Yackel-Juleen

Other places of worship in the surrounding area:

Emmaus Pastorate Catholic Parishes In Strawberry point, Volga, Edgewood and Colesburg.

You can visit their wesite at: https://www.vibrantcatholic.com/